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peoria pip thumbnail   Click here (or click the cover image to the left) to download the current Public Involvement Plan.


The purpose of the Public Involvement Plan is to develop a framework that outlines different outreach and engagement techniques and opportunities that involve and capture input from all segments of the population in order to enable continuous communication with all stakeholders including residents, business and property owners, the General Plan Advisory Committee, City staff, appointed and elected officials. The plan provides details on how and when the stakeholders will be able to engage throughout the update process.

Key components of the Public Involvement Plan include:

COMMUNITY MEETINGS AND WORKSHOPS - Community meetings and workshops are held at critical points in the process, when the City and the Matrix Team will present information and receive public input and guidance.

MEDIA OUTREACH - Media outreach efforts, to include traditional press releases and social media, are intended to educate and inform the community about the project update and participation opportunities.

PROJECT WEBSITE - The project website which will not only contain information updated throughout the project, but will also allow stakeholders to provide comments related to the update throughout the process via the "contact us" tab.

E-UPDATES - E-updates are sent to everyone who has signed up to receive project updates via e-mail.