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The General Plan Advisory Committee (GPAC) is an advisory body, established to help guide the update of the general plan. The GPAC will participate in public workshops and hearings, assist in the development of the plan, and provide guidance to Matrix and City staff on all aspects of the process. The members of the GPAC are representatives from the different city citizen committees. The city citizen committees are representative of several of the topics that comprise the 17 state required general plan elements.

  General Plan Advisory Committee Members
The General Plan Advisory Committee (GPAC) is an advisory body of Peoria Boards/Commission members, as well as school district representatives. The GPAC consists of representation from:
Arts Commission Planning and Zoning Commission
Economic Development Advisory Board Deer Valley Unified School District
Historic Preservation Commission Peoria Unified School District
Parks and Recreation Board  


  Technical Advisory Committee Members
The Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) is an advisory body comprised of City of Peoria technical staff. The TAC is established to advise the Project Team on key policy and technical matters during the development of the new plan. The TAC consists of the following city department and division representatives:
City Manager’s Office Economic Development Services
City Attorney’s Office Fire – Medical
Budget and Finance Office of Communications
City Clerk Planning & Zoning
Community Assistance Police Department
Community Services Public Works - Utilities
Development and Engineering Sustainability