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Why does Peoria need a General Plan?

Arizona state law requires that each city and county prepare and maintain a planning document called a general plan. A general plan is designed to serve as the city’s “blueprint” for future decisions concerning land use and resource conservation. For cities with a population of greater than 50,000, a general plan must address 17 mandatory components or “elements”: Land Use; Circulation; Open Space; Growth Areas; Environmental Planning; Cost of Development; Water Resources; Recreation; Public Services and Facilities; Public Buildings; Housing; Conservation, Rehabilitation, and Redevelopment; Safety; Bicycling; Energy; and Neighborhood Preservation and Revitalization.

What part of the City’s General Plan is being updated?

  1. The city’s current general plan contains thirteen elements: Land Use, Circulation, Growth Areas, Revitalization and Redevelopment, Public Services and Facilities, Recreation and Open Space, Environmental Resources, Water Resources, Cost of Development, Safety. All thirteen of these elements will be updated.
  2. The remaining four required elements will be developed and incorporated into the general plan during this update process, which include Conservation; Bicycling; Energy; and Neighborhood Preservation and Revitalization.
  3. An Economic Development element, which is part of the current General Plan, although not required by law, will be updated.
  4. Other parts of the General Plan will be updated as necessary to reflect economic development potential, transportation corridor expansion, internal consistency, and the current conditions and future trends.